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Fondant fancies and sweet lemonade to welcome guests to the show
Twice a year, The Mall (at Cribs Causeway) host a seasonal fashion show displaying the latest trends, colours and fashions from the best of Bristol's brands. I attended the launch night on Wednesday evening and also received an invite for the live blogging event on Thursday. Hosted by TV stylist Mark Heyes and modern-media-slashie Denise Van Outen the show was designed to promote and display the best of the Spring Summer '16 collections available for purchase within Bristol stores. Although not in the same leagues as the high-fashion and couture previews that happen in the big four, BFW is young, fun and open for all and is rapidly expanding into great new ventures. 

Greeted with fondant fancies and sweet lemonade, guests were shown to their seats which had a #BFW branded tote bag stuffed full of testers, coupons and freebies on. Feeling like a pair of Vogue VIPs, my photographer and I had a rifle through and brought out handfuls of No7 mascaras, lustrous hair and nail pills and sweet-smelling potions before settling down to our (amazing!) view of the catwalk.

Scene One: raceday fashions from John Lewis, eyewear from Specsavers

The style-savvy team behind the public event put together some dazzling outfits covering everything everything from womans casualwear to childrens race-day aparrel! Split into 'scenes', much like a play or a musical, the different brands included in the show designed and choreographed their scene to reflect thier season campaigns. Cue some thumping beats and killer moves on the catwalk. Beginning to gather momentum through a moral code not often seen within the fashion industry, #BFW insists on using a diverse range of models in many different ages, shapes, styles, genders and ethnicity. The inclusion of this diversity is encouraging to see and will hopefully begin to put Bristol on the map as an emerging fashion city.  

Scene Ten: 60's cuts and short hemlines - Fashions from Coast
 Displaying a range of garments from stores such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Oasis, I think it's fair to say colour was a main theme within the styling. Inspired by events and culture from bristol and the surrounding area, the #BFW styling team presented us with chic glamour and elegance appropriate for the summer season. With scenes dedicated to raceday glamour, Bristol Baloon Fiesta, a day at the polo and summer tennis, #BFW responded to the countryside eloquence surrounding Bristol by channeling it's styling to suit the appropriate audience. Floral prints, beautiful colour pops and elegant lines dominated the formal sections of womanswear whilst the strong menswear tailoring had us dazzled before scene one closed. 

Scene Three: Denim and Fashions from Timberland
 With casual wear dominated by Superdry and Timberland, a floaty and feminine bohemian vibe filled womanswear, with scene eight inspired by a glowing summer-solstice ambience. Translated through vibrant shades of burnt orange and 'conker', womanswear SS16 appears to be a reflection of the nod back to the swinging 60's through festival aparrel and ultra-feminised, short & sassy hemlines. In support to the dreamy, summer prints and colours of the womanswear collections, menswear seems to be taking more of a tailored approach with casualwear being lead by washed-out denims andn atheletic-style super-trend. Reflective of the Cotswold countryside, menswear took a nod to the influence of the Great British sporting world with styling reflective of tennis, polo and golf. With the polo shirt as a staple item, menswear designs for SS16 reflect the smartly-understated casual nature of the season.

Scene Nine: Baloon Fiesta inspired colours from John Lewis
 With smiles all round, the show oozed enthusiasm and a local, light-hearted attitude that you can't often get from a high-end show. The models were happy, hippy and pretty and the crowd were engaged and entertained. Another successful season under the belt of the Bristol Fashion Week team and I look forward to what they might have up their belt for the AW16 season! 

 Imagery (c) Amy Chinner, Undressed Blog
Makeup - Boots No7
Hair - Tomlinson Hairdressing

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