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Hi guys,

Today's post is a bit of a review of a few of the Forever Health UK products. Forever are a health and fitness company specialising in Aloe Vera based products, sports nutrition and beauty products. One of their lovely reps Luke got in touch with me to see if I'd like to sample a few of their bits. As a keen gym-goer, dancer and general health enthusiast (obsessive) I was keen to get involved and give you guys a break down of what I noted about these specific products. 

Luke dropped me off a gorgeous little tote bag stuffed full of lovely Forever Health products. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful branding. A white tote bag with a gold embossed logo and gold rope handles, super classy! Inside the bag he had popped a few of the products he thought I would get on with the best. These were ARGI+, Forever Fibre, Forever Prox2 Protein Bars and a tube of Aloe Moisturising Lotion. This post is going to focus on the sports nutrition products and I will put up a separate post reviewing the moisturising lotion. 

Starting with the ARGI+ and Forever Fibre supplements - I took the ARGI+ sachet dissolved into a glass of water before heading off to the gym for a sweaty session. The product is intended to give the user a burst of energy and increase oxidisation in the body to improve the functionality of muscles. Turning a pretty purple/red colour I took a deep breath and downed the whole glass, expecting a bitter taste as with most fitness supplements. However I was pleasantly surprised in that the product tasted just like Ribena! Letting it settle for a few minutes I grabbed my gym bag and headed off, feeling a gentle buzz warming the pit of my stomach. ARGI+ will not have the same effect as a product such as Red Bull or a caffeine stimulant as the core ingredients operate in stimulating the body to oxidise more rather than using invasive chemicals to increase heart rate, however I did feel a certain swing in my step during my session and noted a few extra calories burnt on my standard 30 minute treadmill run. 

 Forever Fibre is a product that encourages the body to reject waste product and cleanses the gut. Fibre is an incredibly important part of the human diet and athletes require a great deal in order to function at a high level. Experts suggest consuming 30g of fibre per day however most people consume less than half of this per day. This supplement can boost the body's digestive function and can also aid weight management through appetite suppression. This little sachet was certainly not as tasty as the ARGI+ however I certainly did feel an effect in my gut and digestive system (excuse me) clearly meaning I can afford to be consuming more fibre in my diet. Would recommend as part of a weight loss or management system!

As a dancer, from a family of dancers and gymnasts, I have never been one to focus on consuming a large amount of protein. I guess this could be due to the muscle-building connotations of protein shakes, however I have dabbled in lean whey and other diet supplements. I like to maintain a 'long' and 'lean' muscular aesthetic instead of building muscle in bulk. I was nervous to try this particular protein shake as it was not a diet product. However the shake itself would be fantastic for men or women focused on building strength and muscle recovery in intensive training. With a delicious, creamy chocolate taste the shake certainly filled a spot post-gym. Although I would not personally purchase this product as I am more inclined to diet products, I would certainly recommend it for a different calibre of athlete. 

Thanks Forever Health UK! I love your products! 

Keep an eye on this space for a further review on the Forever Health UK moisturising Aloe Vera lotion. 


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