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Heyyyyy Junglists,

A few months ago I hooked up with the Bristol Native DJ and Promoter, Dave Cridge, to collaborate on a project for the magazine I am producing; BS1. The idea was to generate a series of editorial images and accompanying footage, all shot on disposable or amateur camera, of his infamous 'Original Junglist' night at Stokes Crofts' finest Blue Mountain Club. With the help of Bristol-based film-maker and producer Robert Eden we pulled together a short, promotional film shot on go-pro, to go with the grainy pictures shot on the disposable camera. 

I'm super in-love with the picture quality disposable cameras shoot and have bought a couple of extras to leave around the house and in my hand-bag for any random moments of photographic excellence. They do say documentary photography is best shot off-guard. 

Anyway here's a little film-reel of some of the photos I shot at the club. If you wanna check the film out, follow the link hereeee and like/subscribe to Rob's channel. The magazine will be dropping very soon so keep your eyes peeled for more updates! Definitely get yourself down to Blue Mountain for their next event though, Stokes Croft sure know how to party!

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