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Hi everybody!

You may have noticed I've had a bit of a revamp of my blog to kick things off a little bit more this summer. I've finished the first two modules of my masters degree and have a looooong summer to kill so I'm going to be blogging a fair bit more and connecting with you guys as much as possible. I've decided to split my blog up a bit into Lifestyle, Music, Fashion, Fitness and Beauty to try and encapsulate my interests a little more. This is a bit of a trail so let me know what you guys think, I'm super interested to hear your feedback!

So I was in Bristol yesterday evening to meet the lovely Rachel from Nitelife Magazine to chat about an exciting new collaboration we've got in the pipeline. We decided to hook up at the super-cool FRISKA café just off Park Street for a coffee. Anybody who knows quirky hangouts in Bristol will know FRISKA pretty well. There's a few of them dotted around the city and even one in Birmingham now so there's plenty to go around. 

FRISKA is responsible and ethical coffee bar that serves a mouthwatering menu of fresh and funky feel-good foods with plenty of vegetarian/vegan options. The one at the top of Park Street has collaborated with the independent RISE RECORDS, one of Bristol's best hidden gems stocking some incredible vinyl, CDs and a whole bunch of cool-looking revamped vintage clothing. The two collaborated to form a super-store that tempts the student body of Bristol and beyond in for a caffeine-boost and a sure boost in musical education. 

Almond latté in hand, I decided to check out the upstairs of the record shop and have a sniff through the vinyls. Proudly independent, RISE RECORDS offer a massively extensive range of vinyls in store all curated by the passionate staff. As a vinyl fan I spent a few happy minutes flicking through the jazz records and scoping out the old rock anthems before wandering over to check out the vintage clothing section. Boasting a large recycled and vintage clothing department, RISE RECORDS are definitely counted amongst the key players on the up-and-coming Bristol fashion scene, generating a definite 'Bristol Aesthetic' that is gathering movement nationwide.

Plodding back downstairs I noticed the tables and chairs had been pushed aside and a small PA and acoustic performance space set-up in the far corner. With significantly more people hanging around than before there was an electric buzz in the air signifying the excitement of a pending performance. With a fear of looking a little dopey I enquired to the friendly bar-staff as to what we might expect. Gesturing to a merchandise table, set up in the corner, she told me that none other than Deaf Havana were playing a stripped back show that night and that the place might get a little crowded soon, if I was looking for a quiet space. 

Thanking her I stayed for a bit longer to suck up the atmosphere and catch the first few tracks the band played. Offering a signing later that evening, Deaf Havana were promoting their new album and playing a stripped-back acoustic show FOR FREE in the café. Reeling from my good fortunes I slipped out and met Rachel in the Costa next door for a little bit more peace and quiet. However I will definitely be keeping an eye on the listings at this little hole-in-the-wall space for any future surprises. Definitely worth a visit!

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