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Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was day #2 of London Fashion Week. I was present and attending as a representative of House Of Solo Magazine, which was super fun and exciting for me! I've only ever been to previous fashion weeks as a lowly intern or to help dress models backstage at the shows. So being able to attend the events, presentations and shows, finally as an accredited member of the press, was a big chin-lifter for me. I'll be back floating around the new LFW venues this week and have another few days of jam-packed fashion fun. However this was my highlight of the day...

Walking into The OxO Tower, Southbank for the Edeline Lee presentation, we were immediately lost in a queue saturated with oversized sunglasses, Chanel handbags, red soled heels and other indications of a fashion-forward crowd. Moving quickly however, we soon found ourselves in the lobby of a large, industrial style building complete with concert pianist and a market-style trade stall handing out complimentary shots of tequila. 

With a pleasant heat in my stomach and down my gullet (it was at least midday, I promise!) we traipsed right up to the top of the gritty OxO Tower, following our noses and the industrial-style flicking lightbulbs until we were welcomed into an open-plan, rough-bricked room strung with lightbulbs and filled with ambient music. The outskirts of the room was flanked by moody-looking models with edgy haircuts and each sporting a half-painted upper lip. The beauty aesthetic was very much fresh-faced and natural strung with a striking lip and an stoney-faced expression to match the tone of the collection. 

Opting for a deep, primary palette with quirky royal-blue highlights, Lee but an emphasis on the humour of the female form by accentuating the waists and breasts of her models. Following a rotational pattern around the studio room, the girls sulked into the cameras of the onlooking press, moodily glowering as they stood still in the new season garments. With a cheeky prod at the female-form, Lee brought attention to the bosom-area of her garments, with specially placed nipple covers sported on the front of a handful of her dresses. 

The models bore knee length ruffles and fluted sleeves often finished with a royal blue embellishment or accent. The blue accentuation drew the eye to certain elements of the body, in order to create a structured illusion of feminine form, with a focus on the waist and breasts. 

A sophisticated nod to the RTW AW season, Lee clearly designs her collections for fashion-forward real women, a conscious effort to fashionise the working population whilst maintaining a ‘Made in England’ ethical conscious. A whimsical ode to the ladylike elegance of the 1960s silhouette, Lee’s AW17 collection brings with it a nostalgic beauty and poise expressed in the fine detail, draping and frills of her garments. 

The new collection will be ready to shop online on the Edeline Lee website; www.edelinelee.com

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