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Hi all!

I hope you've had a successful fashion week season so far and have been enjoying the beautiful designs coming out of the big four. I spent some time in London at fashion week as I detailed in my previous post representing HOUSE OF SOLO magazine, which was super fun! My first proper season sitting through the shows at fashion week, so I was trying to play it cool. 

Introducing Isa Arfen's AW17 collection. Set against the backdrop of the beaten-up Old Truman Brewery in the 'oh-so-not-fashion-week' East London, Isa Arfen held their fashion week presentation to display the new collection. With more and more emerging designers opting away from the catwalk approach to showcasing their collections, presentations seemed to be growing in popularity amongst press and offer more of a hand-on, curated experience and allow audience to interact further with the brand. 

With large, graphic and slightly tribal faces drawn onto the floor in thick, black lines, Isa Arfen sent the playful models out to walk round the shapes on the floor. 

Set to a flamboyant concerto of strings overdubbed with an interview discussing fashion as a vehicle for social change, the stone-faced models played with the onlooking cameras as they walked around a pre-drawn track, in the shape of three abstract faces. With a conceptual element to the presentation, the models blurred the outlines of the track with their feet as they walked, thus communicating the blurring of human form, identity and boundary.

Highly contrasting, the colour palette stayed strongly in theme with the carnivalesque elements of the collection. Pops of deep purple, bright green and cayenne-orange, applied in a jacquard material, brought an almost childlike satisfaction and humour to the collection, evened out by a gentler palette of taupe, bellini pink, olive green and grey. Fabrics are rich and luxurious, toying with the concept as womanhood as a masquerade, with garments in crushed velvets, sumptuous satin, hyper-feminine tulle and sheer silks. This is topped off by the final piece, a terrific faux-fur, jacquard coat; paying tribute to the ‘trophy furs’ often found in luxury womenswear without compromising brand ethos. 

With a highly styled finish, including a blunt and rough-edged beauty aesthetic paired with accessorising in the form of nude fishnet tights and a ‘Clockwork Orange’ style lower lash line, the collection dripped with togetherness and fully immersed the audience in the playfulness and glamour of the garments.

Mad props! Favourite collection, presentation and general curation by far. Would love to see more of this brand in the future. 

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