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Spotting a poster advertised in my local gym for the launch event of a local sportswear designer, I bundled the gals into the car and mooched on over to Nailsworth, an upmarket and arty little town on the outskirts of Stroud. Fronted by designer, fitness guru and entrepreneur Sam Cairns, the sporty brand was celebrating it's new presence within the popular 'Dressing Room' in the heart of Nailsworth. Handing out champagne and nibbles, we were welcomed by the smiley Sam and her lovely mum as they showed us about their little boutique. 

The brainchild of Sam's many years of fitness instruction, Bosom Buddies is a brand that focuses on support and fit whilst still being conscious of fashion trend and beautiful colours. Sam is always developing the brand to suit her many different clients and adapting the fits of her garments in order to maximise the comfort and functionality of the clothes. 

 Dazzling in some beautiful print combinations, the brand investigates the line between sportswear and fashion by using strong graphics and colours. The pieces are eye catching and can be mis-matched or paired with their suitable partner to create a full-body look. Using a quality, UK-based supplier for the Lyrca and materials used within the designs, Sam is keen to help her clients find their boldness and freedom through fashion and exercise. 

My two favourite pieces are both in the dance wear category. As a dancer myself and an avid gym-goer, I know what I would attracts me to sportswear. I like to match my whole outfit with colours and prints on the top and bottom, and I like strong and flattering cuts in quality materials. I was particularly drawn to a pair of bootcut, lycra dance trousers (perfect for jazz or contemporary) in Asian inspired prints and colours. 

I had my younger sister Sophie try on a few outfits so I could get a better idea of the fits and cuts of the pieces. Sophie is a professional dancer in training and would be the ideal candidate to put the garments through their paces. Picking out a couple of cute, scrappy sports bras and pairing them with leggings and the beautiful dance trousers, these were our favourite looks... 

Go and visit Bosom Buddies and say hello for a fitting and wonderful styling experience. Plus they might still have some champagne left!

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