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Hi guys!

Those of you who know me may know I'm into my health and fitness. I love to find out about new brands and innovators in the industry and I have a lot of close friends who have close ties to the fitness world. A friend of mine, Toby, has recently launched his own line of sportswear, Seasons Trail, that is designed for outdoor pursuits and cross-country runners. The line is a support to his sister company UKSF who specialise in installing specialist crossfit gym equipment and facilities. Toby knows his stuff and is set on expanding his growing enterprise further throughout the UK and internationally. 

My younger sister Sophie and I took part in the Seasons Trail shoot, alongside a handful of other (much fitter) but very smiley looking guys and girls. The shoot took place in South Bristol on a national park. The weather conditions were a little testing but the surroundings were so perfect and we were able to really put the garments to the test in the conditions they were designed for.

One of the first things I noticed about the clothes Toby has designed is the quality. These are really fantastic quality sportswear garments for serious sports men and women. The leggings fitted perfectly and the upper-body wear was all designed with loopholes for your thumbs, to stop the annoyance of forever pulling your sleeves down. 

Designed in a range of super cool colours or just the standard black, grey & white depending on your individual tastes, the clothes are warm, durable and waterproof. I have waited to put up this post as I wanted to give the clothes the true test of time and take them through their paces a little at the gym and on a cycling holiday I recently got back from. I've been super impressed with the way the clothes have stood up to the elements. After several wears and washes the leggings are still holding their size and shape, plus the seaming is perfect. Plus the two pieces of upper body wear Toby gave me still look brand new!

I would certainly recommend checking out the Seasons Trail website before their first collection sells through. These garments are perfect for serious, outdoor athletes and cross-fitters, offering amazing quality clothing to stand up to the elements and keep you warm and dry (and stylish!) in the process. 

For 20% off your first purchase, use code 'TRAILRUN' at the checkout. 


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